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For me, it is not just about the technology of security, but it is who I trust. For 18 years we've used Pennington & Trim Alarm Services at Belhaven University and I trust Ed Trim to always get the security right, and to always treat us right.
Dr. Roger Parrott
President, Belhaven University
As a single mom you watch every dime. What a small price to pay for peace of mind! Pennington and Trim have made keeping my family safe that much easier!!!! I don't just recommend them, I highly commend them on the great work that they do!!! Leigh Jones
I have known Ed and Dana Trim for eight years. They have proven themselves to be a giving, godly family who says what they mean and they mean what they say. They have a high standard in their moral values and that is incorporated 100% into their business. We have their alarm systems in our ministry and our home, and wouldn't trust any other service. If you want the best, then look no further than Pennington and Trim.
Anthony Underwood
Healing Touch Ministries
My family has been a customer of P & T for over 20 years and we wouldn’t consider using any other company to secure our property and family. We have great peace of mind knowing that we can leave our home and know that we are being protected with 24/7 monitoring. Thank you for adding to our quality of life and giving us peace to be able to sleep in comfort with our alarm set.
Ron Barnes, APR
Vice President of Marketing, Member Services and Public Relations
Coast Electric Power Association
My family & I feel safe with the Pennington & Trim alarm system knowing that our home is in good hands at all times. I would recommend anyone to use Pennington & Trim Alarm Services. They have great customer service and take pride in what they do and what they stand for.
Pastor Joel Sims
Word of Life Church
I have been doing business with Pennington & Trim for over 20 years. I have their equipment in both my home and in my business. Their people have always been knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. Their equipment has always been state of the art and reliable. Over the years they have made equipment change recommendations and maintenance recommendations that we have always followed. I would have to say that they have always been “spot on” with those recommendations.
R. Michael Watson, DVM
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Mission Statement: Making Money To Spread The Gospel As We Protect Life and Property With Teamwork and A Spirit Of Excellence

Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Medical (PERS) Buttons & Panic Buttons and CCTV Systems

Pennington & Trim has been serving central Mississippi since 1987. We service residential, commercial, and small industrial customers and we specialize in new construction. We offer burglar, fire and panic alarms, medical (PERS) buttons as well as CCTV (Security Camera Systems).

The Difference

There are no benefits to renting a security system! Your alarm system costs less to own than to rent just as your home or car. Many alarm companies offer great deals initially but require a 36-month contract for monitoring (usually around $35 per month). In most cases, the company retains ownership of the equipment, and the customer has to sign another contract when the initial 36-month contract expires.

No Contracts!

At Pennington & Trim,
we don't believe in contracts!

We simply sell you the equipment up front, and offer you a monitoring service for $23 per month with no contract! Why is that important? If some unexpected financial situation arises, you may terminate your monitoring in writing at any time and we will process your termination immediately upon receipt of your notice. However, the national companies don’t offer alternatives and require monthly payments regardless. We believe we are only as good as our previous month's service. Therefore, we work hard to please you continuously! If you are not satisfied, you may terminate in writing at any time with no contract to buy out.