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About Pennington & Trim

Pennington & Trim is proud to be one of the largest privately-owned alarm companies in Mississippi. Located in Flowood, MS, we are locally owned and operated. We service clients throughout the state of Mississippi. We are a Christian company. We bring the tithe of every single dollar this company makes to the local church. We also support missions around the world. Our ultimate goal is to make money to help spread the gospel.
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Company History

Pennington & Trim Alarm Services, Inc. was founded in the fall of 1987 as a partnership between Norman Pennington and Ed Trim. In the early days, the work was done out of Ed Trim's house using his storage room as a stock room. The company has grown tremendously over the decades and eventually expanded into the current location.

"We have truly been blessed with great customers referring us to their friends, relatives and neighbors. We've been blessed with great builders that call us every time they need a security system installed in a new house under construction. We have been fortunate enough to accumulate over 15,000 customers throughout the state of Mississippi. We are one of the largest alarm companies in Mississippi. However, we still remember that little small room where it all started back in 1987 and all the hard work it took us to get to this point."

Ed Trim

Ed Trim

Owner, Co-Founder