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Security & Fire Monitoring

Residential and Commercial Monitoring

A security system is only as effective as the people and technology behind it. That’s why we employ one of the best central monitoring services in the nation. With three stations located across the United States, you never have to worry about an interruption in service. Each center is UL Listed and backed up by two generators and uninterruptible power supplies. They are also virtually connected, meaning monitoring can be seamlessly redirected to another station should the need arise.

Commercial Fire Monitoring

Every commercial fire alarm system is equipped to operate using a dedicated phone line and backup feature to ensure your business is always connected. We also conduct inspections and test your equipment annually, making us a one-stop-shop for your fire monitoring needs.

Cellular Backup

In today’s world, more people are dropping traditional analog phone lines for VOIP lines or cell phones exclusively. Adding cellular backup to your security system is a great option for customers who do not have an analog phone line or have an analog phone line and want an extra layer of security. The signal is lightning fast, completely secure, and you never have to worry about an intruder disabling your system by cutting a phone line.

Transfer Your Monitoring With No Hassles

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few companies offering top-of-the-line security and monitoring with no contracts. You can opt out of our services at any time for any reason. This option makes us a very attractive solution for customers who are unhappy with their current security provider. We will be happy to take over your existing alarm system at no charge to you for the transfer process. In fact, if you make the switch today, you will receive three months of monitoring FREE!