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Panic / Medical Buttons

Wireless Remote / Panic Buttons

wireless remoteWe offer a 4-button, wireless remote that is a keypad and a panic button combined. This device provides the convenience of arming/disarming the alarm system from inside/outside the home such as an automobile. A third button allows you to set the system in "Stay" mode.

The forth button is a panic button. The panic button is a popular feature with women which provides the security of being able to instantly call the police, with one button, while working in the flowerbed, mowing the yard, or just going to the mail box. In the event of a panic button initialization, the monitoring service will not call the residence and ask for a password for verification. Instead, they will immediately call the police. The police respond much faster because they understand that someone's life is in danger as opposed to an object being stolen from an unoccupied house. Since the panic but can be used at any time, the alarm system does not have to be armed to use it.

Medical Buttons

medical buttonsMedical buttons are very popular with older customers who live alone. This device is worn via a waterproof necklace. At the time of purchase, the customer tells us what action to take if they press the button. For instance, if the customer falls in the bathtub, in the yard or has some other emergency where they cannot get to a phone, the central station will call a neighbor or son/daughter at work or an ambulance depending on what action the customer specified should be taken. The security system can also be configured to alarm if desired.

medical panic button