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Medical Alert System

Revolutionary Two-Way Voice Pendant - PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

Emergencies can happen anywhere in one's home and even in the yard or driveway. Life Sentry will allow one to communicate their message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around their home to get help fast.

LifeSentry features:

Water Resistant The pendant allows one to summon help even if they are in the bath or shower, where serious accidents can happen.

Voice Prompted System Provides announcements during set-up. programming. testing, battery test and full system check.

Pendant Battery A Lithium-ion battery provides over 4 hours of talk time on a full charge. and up to 4 months in stand-by.

Standby Emergency Battery Power

Answer the Phone An incoming call can be answered with the pendant it desired.

Pendant can be carried in 3 convenient ways: Lanyard, Wrist/Wheel-chair Strap holder and a Belt Clip.