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Honeywell Security SystemWe pride ourselves on doing quality work. The majority of the equipment we install is made by Honeywell®. While we also use other brands, we only install quality products. Our goal is to put the best products together to create one great system.

Pennington & Trim provides a wide selection of alarm products to meet your needs. Here's a list of a few of the *products we install:


Fixed English Keypad

  • Easy to read, fixed LCD display with continuously backlit keys
  • Four easily accessible function keys
  • Customized function key labels included
  • Removable door
  • Compatible with all Honeywell VISTA Series control panels
  • Cost $100

Custom Alpha Keypad

  • Easy to read, 32 character custom Alpha, negative mode display
  • Silver & black plastics for stainless steel kitchen & garage application
  • Negative etched keys for better contrast & enhanced aesthetics
  • Four customizable function keys with labels included
  • Model also available in white & grey
  • Compatible with all Honeywell VISTA Series control panels
  • Cost $150

Graphic Touchscreen Keypad

  • Comes in Black & white or color Touchscreen display
  • 7 inch graphic Touchscreen display
  • Easy to use, intuitive Touchscreen that has graphics, icons, & menu driven prompts make system operation a snap
  • Available in 3 languages
  • Cost $300

Motion Detectors

A motion detector services as backup to the door and window contacts. However, a burglar could easily break the window glass and enter the property without raising the window. Burglars can also enter the roof or peel back the wall of a metal warehouse. The motion detector is an interior trap that will pickup movement from warm bodies inside the premises when they walk in front of the motion detector. Home owners can bypass the motion detector(s) so that the system may be armed at night, yet allow them to move about the house freely. Generally, motion detectors are used when a home or building is unoccupied. In the past, motion detectors could not be used in a house with pets because they would trigger the device if the pet moved about the house while the system was fully armed. However, recent advancements in technology have created "pet immune" motion detectors. We sell two types of motion detectors:

For only one pet up to 80 lbs. -
This motion detector will not trigger
an alarm if it senses only one pet
that weighs 80 lbs or less.


For multiple pets up to 100 lbs. each
This motion detector will detect one
animal up to 100lbs or multiple animals
whose combined weight does not
exceed 100lbs..

Glassbreak Detectors

Glassbreak detectors are superior to window contacts in that most burglars prefer to break a window than open it. Their advantage over motion detectors is that they trigger the alarm before the burglar enters the premises.

These devices are also ideal for a house or building that is already built since installation is simpler. We offer hardwired (installation costs $50 per room) and wireless glassbreak detectors (installation costs $100 per room). The glassbreak detector has a built-in microphone that listens for the high pitch frequency of breaking glass. The devices are designed to respond only to the sound of breaking glass (plate, tempered, etc.) yet not be false triggered by hand claps, thunder, etc. We sell two types of glassbreak detectors:

glass break detectorFlush Mount - For new house construction. The flush mount have a neater built-in appearance and appears nearly flat against the surface of the ceiling just as a light switch does on a wall.

glass break detectorSurface Mount - For existing houses. These surface mount units are mounted on the surface of the ceiling and are usually centered in line with the light fixture or ceiling fan to provide a more uniform appearance.


Wireless Components

motion detectorWireless equipment is used in locations where wiring between the control panel and a protection device is impractical or impossible. Such as, in a two-story home where there's no way to hide the wiring between floors. When wireless devices are used in a location, a wireless receiver must be installed also. There are several receivers available, each providing protection for an increasing number of zones.

An 8-zone receiver costs $50, a 16-zone receiver $100, and a 40-zone receiver $150. A wireless door contact costs $50, and a wireless glassbreak would be $100 per room. A wireless motion detector costs $150, and a wireless smoke detector would be $100. These wireless products use lithium batteries which only need to be replaced every 4 years. Also, they are totally supervised, meaning they provide a continuous status to the control panel. When a battery gets low, the keypad will tell you exactly which wireless product has a low battery. If you don't replace the battery, eventually that zone will no longer set up, and you'll have to bypass that zone in order to arm the system.


Indoor Sirens

  • Indoor / Commercial use
  • Two-tone siren
  • Attractive patented design to fit single gang wall plate
  • Louder (106 dB) dual tone siren output
  • Corner or ceiling mounting

  • Indoor / Residential use
  • Traditional siren sound
  • 105 dB @ 1 meter / 85 dB @ 10 feet

Outdoor Sirens

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Weather-Proof
  • Dual Tone

  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Stainless steel & hardware
  • Steady & warble tones


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Note: product images may differ slightly from actual products