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Security Systems

Residential Security

A typical residential home security system would include protection for all doors, and a motion detector in an ideal location as a backup or interior trap. Some customers take advantage of the extra protection afforded by window contacts or glass breakage detectors. Many insurance companies offer a 10% discount on their home owners policies for a residential security system when monitoring is maintained.


New Construction Pre-Wires

The advantages of new home construction are: 1) the cost is less, 2) the wires are all hidden inside walls as electrical wires are. The ideal time for installation is immediately after installation of electrician wiring, but before insulation is installed. Pricing is determined by square footage under the roof.

Commercial Building Security

Commercial Building security installation is similar to residential except that, in addition to protecting all doors, more than one motion detector is usually installed in places such as hallways and storage rooms/warehouses, if applicable. Since most commercial buildings have fixed (non-operative) windows, many customers take advantage of the extra protection afforded by glass breakage detectors in every room in the building.


Small Industrial Security

A small industrial security system is similar to a commercial system except that the building usually has a much larger warehouse in addition to the office. Typically, we install more motion detectors to cover the larger areas. We usually have to protect roll-up doors in addition to standard doors.