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While our number one goal is to keep you, your family, or your business safe and secure, we also want to provide you with the best customer service available. You may find the answer to your questions by clicking on the links below. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Security System Questions

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We do not sell/install car security systems. However, we recommend:
Street Smart Car Audio.
5310 Lakeland Drive, Brandon, MS 39047
(601) 919-1875

You may activate your system in the “Away” or “Stay” mode. Once it is activated, every monitored zone will have the ability to recognize a violation. When the zone is violated, the system will send a signal to the Pennington & Trim Alarm Services Central Monitoring Station through the phone line or back-up cellular unit. Entering your code and turning off the system ends the process.

A motion detector may activate false detections for several reasons. It could be a fault in the installation of the device, such as placing it above a furnace or heater. It could be caused by the movement of items in the room such as balloons, curtains, fans, anything disturbed by the movement of air. If these false detections continue, it may be remedied by a relocation of the device.

The keypad will display “NO AC” when the alarm system has lost power. Check the power outlet and the circuit breaker to make sure both are operational. If they are, a service call to test the equipment may be necessary.

There is a delay period programmed in for the user. This delay period allows time for the user to disarm the system to prevent alarm activation. This delay could be 15 seconds up to 3 minutes and can be decided at the time of installation or power up of the equipment.

Any alarm system may lose communication for several reasons: One, it could be that the telephone line may be inoperable. Check with your phone carrier about possible loss of communication. Or, two, the alarm equipment may not be functioning properly. Call Pennington & Trim Alarm Services to verify your system is working properly.

Not at all. The Pennington & Trim Alarm system is designed to seize your phone line in order to call the Monitoring Station. It will then release the line so the Monitoring Station can notify you that the alarm signal was received.

Actually, the equipment has been purchased by the owner of the home. Whether you had the equipment installed after you moved in or you purchased the home with the equipment already there, the equipment belongs to the home owner. It is your responsibility to maintain the equipment as long as you are the resident of the home in which the alarm system resides. There will be a service call fee from Pennington & Trim Alarm Services to maintain your equipment.

When the Pennington & Trim Alarm system has been tripped, it seizes the phone line so that a signal can be sent to the Central Monitoring Station. When the Monitoring Station has received the signal, it will then release the line so that they can call you.

Your keypad will inform you that the system is not ready to be armed because of several reasons: a door or window may be still open, a motion detector may still be registering movement, or a previous alarm may not have been cleared from the memory. Once you have corrected that condition, the alarm system will be ready to be armed.

Your alarm system is capable of receiving many types of signals. For this reason, we spend a good deal of time in the installation of the equipment testing it to make sure everything is registered and the signals are going through fine. There are rare cases when a signal may go through that had not been defined. When that happens we will update our records accordingly.

When you press these buttons and hold them down for at least 3 seconds, a signal will be transferred to the Central Monitoring Station and emergency services are dispatched immediately. A signal received in this manner cannot be canceled by a phone call.

Yes it does. In case the power is lost, there is a back-up battery in the system that activates and maintains your alarm for several hours. If the back-up battery is low, a signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station and you will be notified that it is time to change your battery.

Service Related Questions

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Time is an important factor in everyone’s life. We do strive to be as prompt as possible and work toward arriving at the scheduled time. If we miss an appointment and have not contacted you, please call us at 601-939-5231 and we will assist you in any way possible.

Pennington & Trim Alarm Services will be happy to investigate any problems you are having with your alarm system. Please call us at 601-939-5231 for help.

No, your system is an independent unit and can only be armed and disarmed at the keypad.

Some systems are programmed with a brief period of 15 seconds for you to shut off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station. This keeps false alarms being sent and authorities being dispatched needlessly. Most systems offer a choice of how you would like this programmed.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the alarm system is in good working order. You can refer to your Owner’s Manual or call us at 601-939-5231 to find out how to test your system. If your system does not respond like it should, please give us a call and request repair service.

No. If there is an emergency, please call 911 first. If you are unable to do that, then press the panic or fire button on the keypad and the Central Monitoring Station will request emergency services for you.

You can call the Pennington & Trim Alarm Services office at 601-939-5231.

Call Pennington & Trim Alarm Services office 601-939-5231.

Account Questions

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Pennington & Trim Alarm Services offers a special Extended Warranty which covers the repair or replacement costs of the equipment for just $10 per month, plus tax. If you are a commercial customer we ask that you would call us for a quote regarding the Extended Warranty since it varies from property to property. All requests for Extended Warranty, please call 601-939-5231.

Give us a call at 601-939-5231 to make any changes to your contact list. Please have your Password ready in order to identify yourself. Make sure to tell everyone on your call list what to do in case they receive a call from Pennington & Trim Alarm Services regarding your monitoring service.

We can extend to you several options:

  1. You can pay monthly by bank draft
  2. We have a 3-month payment plan by automatic credit card
  3. You can pay 6 months at a time
  4. We will mail or email your invoice to you quarterly, semi-annually or annually and you can simply mail us a check